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Happy ho ho ho, read a book!

We’d like to give you something that we’re a part of, that’s why we asked Sándor Szélesi a seven-time Peter Zsoldos Prize-winning sci-fi and thriller writer, to create a novel inspired by our company’s vision. The book you’re about to download – or holding in your hand right now is the outcome.

Read it, love it, and review it because this Christmas you can give a little something through this gift too. For every review written about the novel, we offer a donation for the Heroes’ Square initiative, to make the world a little more compassionate all year around and stand up for each other, even after the festive period.

Sending season's greetings to you and your family! Savor the festive season in the company of your near and dear ones and don’t forget to read and review!

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Review it!